Name:Multi jungle 5 stacks AF—8824
Type:Strength equipments
Weight stack:71KGx2 83KGx2
Main Frame:14090mm
Packing:wooden case

  • Multi jungle 5 stacks AF—8824

Product Description

Product Code-AF8823
Item Name : Multi jungle 5 stacks

AF88 Strength Fitness Equipment Line:

AF88 line is our best seller of commercial strength machines for the gym and fitness club. The design is perfect choice for the professional trainer and user in gym. There are hundreds of fitness coach from many countries offer their advice on the exercise angle of each machine. So AF88 Strength Fitness Equipment can offer the best exercise feeling for the trainers. Also, with almost 10 years producing experience, our welding, painting work is very good and the machine have a nice overview in the fitness club.AF88 is very good choice for the fitness club and chain gym .

1. Main Frame:140*90mm Thickness:3mm 
2. Poller seat adjustment system
3. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm
4. High-quality pulley: 90mm
5. Available Color: Red or Custom
6. Painting: Silver Gray or custom 
7. Molding cushion adopted
8. Motion path adheres to the kinematic principle
9. Full shroud completely covers weight stack to ensure safety 

10. Water bottler holder

Warranty Information:
1)Frame (not coatings): 10 Years
2)Structural Parts: 10 Years
3)Weight Stacks: 5 Years
4)Pulleys: 5 Years
5)Pivotal Bearings: 5 Years
6)Any Items Not Specified: 3 Years
7)Labor (excluding upholstery/cables/grips) 3 Years

8)Upholstery/Cable/Grips: 1 Year.

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